2012 Webinar Series


Improving Student Education Outcomes Through a Multi-Tiered System of Supports


February 19, 2013: 2:00 PM EST



This webinar will provide participants with information, resources, tips, and strategies for how to effectively partner with schools to advocate for all students, including those with disabilities. Participants will learn how education policy and practice is being shaped to ensure general education and special education services are effectively integrated into a seamless system of matched supports for students with a high focus on successful outcomes. Participants will also be given information and resources for how to empower themselves to effectively advocate for students within an MTSS context.

This webinar hosted by Community Solutions at the University of South Florida is for educational purposes only. Webinar content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the Department of Child & Family Studies' Chair.


Improving Student Education Outcomes Through a Multi-Tiered System of Supports


Delivered by:

Daniel Dawes, Esq.Brian Gaunt, Ph.D., MTSS Inter-Project Coordinator for Florida’s PS/RtI and PBS:MTSS Projects. Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Gaunt’s involvement with FLPBS:MTSS and FL PS/RtI Projects is aimed at increasing the capacity of all Florida school districts to implement an integrated academic & behavior model of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports in schools. His interests are focused on parent/child advocacy, education systems change, effective data based problem solving practices, and collaborative planning solutions for the adoption and sustainability of evidence-based practices.

Dr. Gaunt's degrees in Behavior Analysis and School Psychology, in combination with his varied field experiences have allowed him to effectively support educator and parent collaboration and understanding of the reciprocal relationship between academic performance and social behavior learning. Prior to his current role as a statewide project administrator, he has worked as an independent early childhood and family consultant, school psychologist, RtI coach and an RtI project regional coordinator. He regularly presents at both state and national levels on a variety of topics related to increasing the capacity of the educational system and its stakeholders to collaboratively improve successful outcomes for all students.

Topic Background:

Our public educational system is facing many changes including increased accountability to ensure all students are college and career ready. Educators, parents, and community agencies are needed more than ever to collaborate and work together in promoting the highest achievement of all students in our schools. However, several barriers can exist that limit such collaboration. One barrier in particular is the lack of common language and common understanding around a structured process of planning and problem solving within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). MTSS is a term used to describe an evidence-based framework of educating students that includes providing high quality, effective instruction, intervention supports matched to student needs and uses data based problem solving to integrate all academic and behavior instruction and interventions. In Florida, MTSS is a school improvement approach that unites Response to Intervention (RtI) and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).

Parents and community partners are most critically needed in helping our schools implement MTSS with fidelity through a common language and common understanding.


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