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Asking Families: How Data from Families can Inform Policy and Practice


December 19, 2012

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Parents and other caregivers are the consumer reporters and amazon.com reviewers of children's behavioral health services. To date, however, there are few studies that ask them about their experience and views on medications, treatments, access to services and training needs. Lisa Lambert has been surveying parents for 12 years and many of her studies have been used to further policy and change practice. This webinar will outline strategies to increase parent response and participation, collect essential parent data and use the principles of family driven research. 

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Delivered by:

Lisa Lambert, Executive Director, Parent Professional Advocacy League, Boston, MA

Lisa Lambert is the executive director of Parent/Professional Advocacy League (PPAL), a statewide, family-run, grassroots nonprofit organization based in Boston. PPAL is the state organization of the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and has been a SAMHSA-funded statewide family network since 2000.

Lisa Lambert became involved in children's mental health as an advocate for her young son in 1989 through the CASSP family network in California.  After moving back to Massachusetts, she began supporting families whose children and youth had behavioral health needs. She became involved with PPAL, first on a regional level and then on a statewide level. Her areas of expertise include mental health policy, systems advocacy and family-driven research.

Realizing that individual parent and youth stories need to be supported by data, Lisa authored several family-driven studies which highlighted the challenges families encountered when accessing services, their perspectives on psychotropic medications and the training needs of family partners. Lisa also authored a chronicle of PPAL's Worcester-based youth group which highlighted how a strong youth-guided initiative had an impact on their community.

Lisa Lambert serves on a number of committees in Massachusetts as well as the Building Bridges Initiative Youth and Family Partnership workgroup. She has been instrumental in working with local and national media to highlight the concerns of families and youth.  She is dedicated to ensuring that family voice is included in every state and national conversation il.cfm?id=224">Department of Child & Family Studies' Chair.


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