2012 Webinar Series

Brittany Smith


Developing a Social Media Strategy for Children's Mental Health (part 2 of 2-part series)


July 11, 2012



This webinar will focus on developing a social media strategy for your organization, community or system of care development effort. Most folks approach social media from a platformspecific perspective. This webinar will take it from a strategy development perspective. Learn the critical questions to ask like, who's your audience, how do they use social media, what's your intended goal for using social media. Based on these answers, the attendees will be able to decide what specific platform(s) they want to use. It's a "people first" approach that focuses on the target audience rather than the technology. Attendees will walk away with a toolkit that they can bring back to develop a more
comprehensive plan that they can then

This webinar hosted by Community Solutions at the University of South Florida is for educational purposes only. Webinar content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the Department of Child & Family Studies' Chair.


Delivered by:

Brittany Smith, Director of Community Management at the Children's Mental Health Network.

Brittany is responsible for ensuring active and clear communication among Children's Mental Health Network staff, its members, and individuals who utilize Network services. Brittany works with the Network to improve their use of social media and new technology in their education and advocacy work. Brittany brings to the Network a keen understanding of how to maximize social media to help effect increased awareness and action around the needs of youth with emotional challenges, their families, and the communities who serve them.

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